DCI maintains an online library of training and reports to support DCI Members peer learning and education.

DCI coordinates advisory services, educational events, workshops and summits for its members. The resulting project is a published report or case study intended to assist member communities in moving their goals forward with clear, actionable and tangible plans and tools that lead to success.  

Below are a selection of examples of reports we produce, to access DCI’s complete library of reports and case studies, become a member or login.

SAMPLE: Short Guide to Redevelopment

This guide is intended to inform local governments and redevelopment agencies about the context and process for positioning sites for sale to developers. 

> Developed in partnership with Jesse Silverstein, Development Research Partners, Inc.

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SAMPLE: San Luis Valley Entrepreneurial Placemaking

This document contains six sections: culture, tips, roadmap, checklist, prototype, & toolkit to walk you through all the facets of cultivating an entrepreneurial ecosystem. 

> Developed in partnership with Brian Corrigan and USDA

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SAMPLE: Durango Urban Renewal Housing Strategy

This report jointly developed a process to engage the community and create this Urban Renewal Authority (URA) Housing Strategy. The intent is to understand how the URA can focus their efforts to address housing challenges.

> Developed by the City of Durango, Durango Renewal Partnership, Colorado Department of Local Affairs (DOLA), Downtown Colorado Inc., (DCI), Development Research Partners, and SEH, Inc.

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