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VIP Memberships

Urban Renewal Authorities

DCI’s signature URA support services are here to help your staff, board, and other stakeholders from beginning to twenty-five years and beyond.

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Districts (BIDs, DDAs, + Creative)

Find collaborative support for development and improvement districts through forums and research to promote your achievements as downtown development authority.

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Colorado Challenge Communities

The Colorado Challenge Communities Membership is part of DCI's Accelerator Program which is unique team building accelerator focused on establishing a plan of work and a proposal that engages.

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Local Government Memberships

Local Government (up to 20k)

Becoming a member of DCI has proven to be an extremely valuable investment for small communities in Colorado. Every dollar invested in DCI services has been shown to generate $7 in new services.

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Local Government (over 20k)

Whether you are seeking facilitation services, educational opportunities, or just want to join a network of professional dedicated to building a more vibrant Colorado, DCI has something to offer your community.

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State Agency

DCI helps our government members catalyze new development, develop strong organizational structures, create partnerships, and improve business retention and recruitment.

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Individual and Business Membership Types

Emerging Leaders

Get access to a network of DCI members from local governments, state agencies and private firms working in planning, architecture, law, economic development, public policy, historic preservation, and more. Network, volunteer, consult, and attend events to get to know the people behind Colorado’s development and growth.

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Business Associates + Non-Profits

Spread your reach, grow your network, share your expertise, and see your network grow! We offer educational programming to support small business...

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