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Membership Frequently Asked Questions By Member Group 

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Details of the Benefits of Membership

VIP Memberships

DCI Members have requested an all-inclusive membership level to allow members to show their support for DCI and have access to EVERYTHING. Our new VIP tier of membership is for those DO-ers who love what we do and want to be involved at a higher level! DCI VIP levels allow multiple organizations to access members and provide one complimentary registration to our IN THE GAME Vibrant Downtown Event. 


DCI Memberships (excluding Individual options) are all based on a Company model with 10 members from that organization allowed to benefit from services and discounts. 

Individual Options |  For Emerging Leaders | Industry Professionals

General Membership

How do I reset my password?

If you need to reset your password, visit the login webpage here and follow the 'Forgot my Password' process. You’ll have a new one in minutes!

How do I add members to my bundle?

Log in to your account here. Click on the drop down menu and click "My Membership", then add another member. This member will be added to your company! 

How can I renew my membership?

Log in to your account here. Click on the drop down menu and click "Renew Membership", then select the Membership Type you would like. Remember that VIP Membership types provide one complimentary registration to IN THE GAME. 

Where do I find a complete list of my member benefits?

You can view your membership benefits any time on the DCI website — no login required.

Where is a complete listing of DCI events?

Visit our calendar to see what’s coming up this week, month, or year. Be sure to take advantage of your member discount for our events!

For Urban Renewal Authorities

How can DCI make me better at my job?

DCI’s URA Committee shares information about innovative approaches to urban renewal and allows for URA professionals to network and collaboratively problem solve. Additionally, by offering the only training specifically developed for URA boards, DCI helps to empower URA professionals by helping the board understand how to guide work without micromanaging. Read more about member benefits here!

Should our URA join DCI if our City is a member?

DCI’s URA membership provides access to URA-specific benefits including customized collateral material, participation in monthly discussions with URA professionals, and the opportunity to highlight your URA projects on a state-wide platform.

How can DCI help protect urban renewal in Colorado?

DCI works behind the scenes before anti-URA legislation is introduced to help build a stronger understanding of why urban renewal is important and how it can help all of the taxing entities with long-term return on investment.

For Districts

How can DCI make me better at my job?

DCI’s District Committee convenes Business Improvement District and Downtown Development Authority professionals on a quarterly basis to discuss innovative approaches, idea and solution sharing, and to network and collaboratively problem solve. Visit the URA Resource Center here!

Can DCI help us use our district financing tools better?

By offering board training and retreats, in addition to community facilitated dialogues about district financing, DCI helps communities to make informed decisions and create usable solutions to fit the community needs.

How will DCI help protect districts in Colorado?

DCI works behind the scenes to follow and inform district leaders about possible challenging legislation or trends that might threaten the use of district financing tools.

For Communities under 20k 

What other small communities are DCI members and how have they benefited?

Over 122 communities with less than 20,000 residents are currently DCI members. Here are a few case studies of the amazing things accomplished through DCI in these communities.

Will joining DCI be a worthwhile investment for a community with a limited budget?

Becoming a member of DCI has proven to be an extremely valuable investment for small communities in Colorado. Every dollar invested in DCI services has been shown to generate $7 in new services. DCI can help catalyze new development, develop strong organizational structures, improve partnerships, and improve business retention and recruitment.

How much time will be required for me to take advantage of DCI membership?

If you are interested in educational events, but are unable to travel, DCI offers webinars and the ability to call in to our educational events. If you would like to embark on a long term approach to downtown revitalization, we are able to build an action plan to guide your approach. DCI has helped over 60 communities through our Technical Assistance program. If you are short on time and require additional staffing, take advantage of DCI’s AmeriCorps VISTA team.

For Communities over 20k 

What can I do to maximize educational and networking opportunities as a DCI member?

Go beyond event attendance by considering hosting an event, sponsoring an event or joining a committee.

How can DCI provide support for our community’s development/improvement district?

If your community has a development/improvement district, DCI meets their unique needs by offering board training and retreats, in addition to community facilitated dialogues about district financing.

How can DCI provide value to our community?

Whether you are seeking facilitation services, educational opportunities or just want to join a network of professional dedicated to building a more vibrant Colorado, DCI has something to offer your community. If you have a need that you do not see listed on our website, give us a call at 303.282.0625.

For Businesses

How do I get involved?

Share your expertise and time by suggesting an education session or joining one of our five working committees, each with moderate time commitments. We also offer volunteer opportunities with our network of communities who need your insights. One of the best ways to get your business’s name in front of potential clients is to sponsor an event; DCI has an array of small to large-scale events and programming, giving you plenty of opportunity to find the right fit. Call us at 303.252.0625 to find out how you can get involved!

How much does it cost?

There are pricing options for businesses, organizations, and individuals that can fit any budget. Call us at 303.252.0625 so we may learn more about you and customize your membership level and pricing.

How can I connect to the DCI members?

Share your knowledge by writing an article for one of our monthly email blasts and blog.Host an educational program or give us a program idea, we’re always open to sharing valuable information!

How does my business fit into your structure?

Businesses find value in being DCI members in a few different ways. In our work across Colorado, we encounter communities with unique challenges and needs that could be met by your services. By becoming a DCI member, you will be able to spread your reach, share your expertise and see you network grow! We also offer educational programming to support small business

For Emerging Leaders

What are the advantages of DCI membership compared to other professional organizations?

As a Colorado organization, you will tap into a network of professionals working in your state. Furthermore, unlike professional organizations that serve only one sector, DCI members include local governments, state agencies, and private firms. These firms work in: planning, architecture, landscape architecture, graphic design, law, economic development, public policy, historic preservation, and small business development.

Will joining DCI be a worthwhile investment for a student or young professional on a limited budget?

Becoming a member of DCI has proven to be extremely valuable for emerging leaders. For only $100 a year, you gain access to:

  • Jobs and RFPS throughout Colorado
  • DCI Educational Events at the member rate
  • DCI’s Annual Conference at the member rate
  • The opportunity to showcase your skills as part of a DCI Technical Assistance team

With an already packed schedule, will I have time to take advantage of my DCI membership?

If you are interested in educational events, but are unable to travel, DCI offers webinars and the ability to call in to our educational events. If you would like to volunteer but cannot spend two days on a technical assistance team, DCI offers a variety of opportunities to volunteer assisting with research, GIS analysis, graphic design, organizational development, and data management for Colorado’s downtowns. DCI also offers happy hours and networking events throughout the year for you to connect with likeminded people and build your professional network.

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