For populations under 20,000:

Becoming a member of DCI has proven to be an extremely valuable investment for small communities in Colorado. Every dollar invested in DCI services has been shown to generate $7 in new services, and can help you catalyze new development, develop strong organizational structures, create partnerships, and improve business retention and recruitment.


  • Increased Revenue
  • Business Retention 
  • Peer-to-Peer Networking
  • Ongoing Education 
  • Community Improvement
  • Staffing Assistance

Here are even more ways we can help DCI members in small local governments:

  • Increased revenue. Drive sales tax revenue by collecting data, analyzing annual trends, and creating strategic plans with DCI’s database and data management tools.
  • Business retention. Strengthen business attraction and retention efforts with the information you gain through DCI’s Technical Assistance programs, annual conference, and business development-focused events.
  • Peer-to-peer networking. Discuss best practices and similar challenges with peer communities and access a statewide network of professionals in downtowns and commercial districts.
  • Ongoing education. Receive ongoing guidance, support, and feedback through DCI’s workshops, classes, and technical advisory programs — some with the option to attend remotely.
  • Community improvement. Develop a public space beautification action plan DCI Technical Assistance.
  • Staffing assistance. Get year-long onsite support from trained, dedicated individuals through DCI’s AmeriCorps VISTA program.

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