Southeastern Region Advisory Panel Assessment Reports

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Eads (2006):

In 2006 DCI was hosted in Eads for a Community Revitalization Partnership Team visit. The goal of this visit was to help Eads take advantage of increased economic activity and strong political will in the area, and to use that activity to revitalize their downtown area. These advantages created a unique opportunity for Eads to create a vision for Main Street to become a destination that is walkable and a sheltered from climatic conditions.  

Florence (2015)In 2015 DCI visited Florence to help the community understand community issues and opportunities, bring together diverse interests, and build an approach to enable each stakeholder group to invest in the community in their own way. DCI proposed developing an urban renewal authority to assist with property redevelopment of catalyst sites and to serve as a liaison to help shape private sector investment. 

Holly (2008): In 2008 DCI visited Holly to help the community develop a plan to attract new businesses, upgrade buildings and facades, and build new housing.  DCI recommended activating the town, activating the street, and activating the people by bringing back activities that historically made downtown vibrant. 
Huerfano County Tourism Strategy (2020)
Las Animas (2005):
In 2005 DCI was called in by Las Animas to do an assessment of their downtown. Their goal was to help Las Animas repopulate their downtown with businesses and people. Opportunities such as a historic theatre and vacant second stories are identified. The report included detailed streetscape plans and specific planning actions to take advantage of upcoming events. 

Trinidad (2012): In October, 2012 DCI was asked by the City of Trinidad to provide ideas for how they could become a Colorado Creative District and/or a Main Street Community.  DCI listened to the community and researched its history before providing a list of recommendations for helping Trinidad achieve its development goals.  **Update: Trinidad has since become a Colorado Creative District!
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