Northwestern Region Workshop Reports and Case Studies

Our Event Reports and Case Studies are accessible to all. Click on the community name below to see the takeaways.

Grand Junction (2017): DCI visited Grand Junction in August for a business training. Educational sessions were held on window displays and store design, surviving in an Amazon world, and telling the story of your business. Participants had the opportunity to work on refining their own stories, and then participated in Idea Stations, dedicated to online presence, local resources, and business succession planning.

Northwestern Region Advisory Panel Assessment Reports

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Cedaredge (2010):  In November, 2010 DCI’s team of consultants visited the Town of Cedaredge.  The goal was to assess vacant buildings and historic structures, as well as explore options for infrastructure and drainage in the downtown.  DCI presented different options for the town on how they can engage the community and actualize concepts, whether in design of the streetscape or creating a brand. 

Craig (2013):  In March 2013, DCI visited the Town of Craig to help them get business owners involved in community development, identify funding mechanisms, and enhance foot traffic and events in the downtown area.  DCI’s team of consultants listened to the town, and provided a list of observations and recommendations including marketing, organization, and youth engagement to name a few.  

Delta (2010)In November, 2010 DCI’s team visited the City of Delta to help them develop an alternative truck route to alleviate Main Street of traffic along Highway 50.  DCI’s team helped develop a list of next steps and recommendations to help the city do the bypass well among other recommendations to aid the Main Street program and emphasize the town's assets. 

Fruita (2012): In August 2012, DCI visited the Town of Fruita. Fruita was on the verge of realizing their potential due to tremendous investments and efforts already made by the City and the Chamber of Commerce. DCI recommended developing a comprehensive approach so that all these efforts are synchronized. The team also provided guidance on necessary improvements, streetscape design, and preserving the natural history i.e. the "cool factor".

Gunnison (2009): In 2009 DCI’s Community Revitalization Partnership (CRP) Team went to Gunnison. Their goal was to assist with a streetscape plan to implement in conjunction with the installation of a new irrigation ditch system. The streetscape plan would address pedestrian usability, landscaping, and parking.  

Lake City (2008): In October, 2008, DCI was invited to Lake City by the Lake City Downtown Improvement and Revitalization District (DIRT) to offer suggestions and recommendations for Lake City DIRT’s current programs.  DCI made a series of recommendations to prioritize different projects at different times, and presented some ideas for new ideas and projects.  

Meeker (2005): In early 2005 DCI visited the Town of Meeker to participation in the "DO RE ME" or DOwntown REvitalization of MEeker. The DCI team found that there was tremendous interest in the future of Meeker. Planning for that future mean taking advantage of opportunities including the strong entrepreneurial and business spirit and the natural and historic beauty through the pathways commonly used in downtown revitalization including marketing, organization, and economic development. 

Montrose (2009): The City of Montrose requested DCI to do an assessment of their downtown in 2009. Downtown Montrose has suffered from commercial development and a few attempts at downtown revitalization (DID, Main Street) that have been ultimately unsuccessful. DCI's team created concrete steps to revive the town's confidence in their ability to create a sustained revitalization effort. 

Parachute (2017): The topic of the Downtown Assessment in Parachute, CO revolved around the historic main street and how to activate it with limited resources, as well as improving cooperation and working together for the benefit of the Town of Parachute. 

Rifle (2005): In 2005 DCI visited the Town of Rifle. The goal of this project was to develop a comprehensive downtown revitalization plan for the town. DCI developed a list of recommendations for Rifle on how to include people in the visioning process, develop a marketing plan, and develop the comprehensive plan in accordance with Colorado law and community needs.  

Silt (2010): In February, 2010 DCI was requested to visit the Town of Silt to help them develop strategies to diversify their economy from the volatile natural gas industry.  DCI made a list of observations and recommendations for the town to potentially take to stabilize their economy.  

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