Featured Event: Engage & Activate 


Downtown Colorado, Inc. (DCI) presents a Downtown Institute in Lamar, Colorado aimed at continued education for Downtown Property Owners and Merchants around Civic Engagement and Vacant Property Activation.


DCI’s Institute works with participants to expand their understanding of the 

Civic Engagement Toolbox: Participants will be provided with a few new “tools” to add to their community revitalization “toolbox” and strategies for effective community transformation. 

Property Activation: Consider the legislation, due diligence, and public engagement needed to re-energize vacant places. 

Pop Up Transformation: The process of engaging artists, entrepreneurs, and the community to create a uniquely Lamar pop up store and experience. 

Lamar Downtown Redevelopment Tour: Lamar’s downtown is experiencing a renaissance of development. Join us as we tour the recent changes and consider the opportunities for redevelopment.   



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