PROGRAM OVERVIEW | Downtown Colorado, Inc. (DCI) is pleased to invite your participation to learn more about an opportunity to serve as a pilot community, free of charge, in a program with access to extensive training, workshops, and technical assistance to consider community revitalization and property redevelopment. The revised Colorado Challenge Accelerator Program will help establish a list of opportunity sites for investment, building a stronger community team to connect public and private resources to get things done, and help shape a funding strategy with a timeline and talking or proposals points to share with funders. 

DESCRIPTION | Small redevelopment projects have a lot of upside, and can catalyze change in a community when done right. Review case studies of small redevelopment to meet a tough budget, achieve community goals, provide energy and environmental sustainability, and enable locals to upsize their impact.



  1. Proactive communication with development community

  2. Managing several sites in a redevelopment program

  3. Pitfalls in municipal development agreements

  4. Rightsizing development agreements to the ROI of a project

Downtown Colorado Inc

Denver, CO
Mar 20, 2024
9:00 AM MDT to 10:30 AM MDT