PROGRAM OVERVIEW | Downtown Colorado, Inc. (DCI) is pleased to invite your participation to learn more about an opportunity to serve as a pilot community, free of charge, in a program with access to extensive training, workshops, and technical assistance to consider community revitalization and property redevelopment. The revised Colorado Challenge Accelerator Program will help establish a list of opportunity sites for investment, building a stronger community team to connect public and private resources to get things done, and help shape a funding strategy with a timeline and talking or proposals points to share with funders. 

DESCRIPTION | What steps should a community take to effectively work with the private sector on a project? Review how to craft agreements, milestones, deliverables, funding, and have it all align with community objectives. Examples work for big and small projects.



  1. How to recruit and network with potential developers

  2. Role of municipalities in development agreements

  3. Streamlining development process and achieving community goals

  4. Examples of site data / descriptions that appeal to developers

Downtown Colorado Inc

Denver, CO
Mar 06, 2024
9:00 AM MST to 10:30 AM MST