RFP - Development Code Major Update for City of Thornton


The City of Thornton, CO (“Thornton”) respectfully requests separate sealed Proposals for Professional Consulting Services for Development Code Major Update, Project No. 20-50R (hereinafter referred to as “Project”). Proposals will be received until 5:00 p.m., local time, Tuesday, March 14, 2023.

Project Description: Thornton is soliciting proposals for a Consultant to undertake a major update of the Development Code with the intent to make the document more user-friendly, remove or update antiquated requirements and standards, increase efficiency in the development review process, incorporate newer development concepts, improve aesthetics, and align with Thornton’s 2020 Comprehensive Plan, among other aspects.

To be minimally qualified for consideration for award, proposing firms must have successfully completed similar projects within the last five (5) years and have the following attributes:

  • Recent and extensive experience in evaluating and updating municipal development regulations, specifically with integrative coding that implements context-specific solutions and legal expertise in drafting codes responsive to legal precedents, common law doctrines and statutory requirements;

  • Recent and extensive experience in effectively managing similar regulatory updates, preferably for cities of a similar size;

  • Experience in preparing written analyses, options and recommendations for approaching the range of issues presented in the Scope of Services;

  • Ability to communicate and work effectively with City Council, other elected and appointed officials, Thornton staff, and the public;

  • Expertise in effectively conducting both in-person and virtual meetings including coordination with Spanish interpreters, and flexibility in adapting meeting styles as needed;

  • Experience in creating user-friendly development regulations, including updated graphics, diagrams, and illustrations; and

  • Experience in effectively using Adobe Creative Suite.

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City of Thornton 9500 Civic Center, 2nd Floor City Hall, Thornton, CO 80229