DCI Monthly DDA Roundtable

Each month our District members join a call to discuss pertinent issues and share ideas and best practices on district management. This past month brought up several good ideas and suggestions, and a discussion for how DCI can support DDA and BID districts throughout the year. 



The DDA group discussed homelessness in downtowns and adjacent public areas, and differences in communities statewide. Some current trends thought to be contributing to more people experiencing homelessness are the summer seasonality, changes in COVID-19 restrictions, and perhaps with new residents and businesses downtown some are simply seeing a change from the previous year rather than sharing the experience of several years ago. Other communities did not notice any discernible increase in recent months. Non-profit ambassador programs and coordinated outreach efforts do seem to have a positive impact, while non-profit programs located downtown that offer housing or other services for those experiencing homelessness were seen to contribute aggregating factors. How is your community responding to residents experiencing homelessness? Let us know your thoughts!



DDA directors have met with local legislators to discuss the climate for legislation in the 2023 session, and gain more information about the process of submitting legislation and utilizing drafting services to help write the bill. A leadership group of directors from around the state have also engaged a public policy strategy firm to discuss appropriate ways of engaging local legislators and influential organizations with an interest in tax increment financing. Next steps in this discussion will include the following:

  • Identifying key board members/ elected officials to engage

  • Conducting an assessment of DDA activities around the state

  • Sharing strategic direction for feedback from other DDA directors



DDA and district organizations are preparing to accommodate the FAMLI act with businesses required to start collecting funds on January 1, 2023. The FAMLI act was written to give local government organizations the ability to opt-out, and are treated differently than traditional businesses, but must declare their position in 2022. Some communities found their independent organization was fewer than nine staff and may not need to participate, others may already have better leave benefits than the minimum required by the program. Other organizations plan to budget for the total withholding in 2023 and work through the process of better understanding the impact and affiliation with their municipalities before committing the funds, or releasing them back to the budget.

Downtown Districts and Economic Development Corporations need to be aware of the upcoming collection start date, and small businesses in downtowns around the state might appreciate awareness of this upcoming deadline. More information can be found on the State of Colorado’s website for employers HERE. An easy PDF explanation of the program and requirements is also available HERE.



Planning for IN THE GAME 2023 is already underway, and our district and DDA partners are a huge part of the energy and programming at our annual conference. With the conference located in Loveland, CO, several DDA members are located nearby and expressed interest in crafting tours to visit their local downtowns and communities. DDA members also suggested several topics for programming and presentation at the conference. Some suggestions include: 

  • Public-Private Partnerships

  • Examples of Grants and Business Support Programs

  • Sector Partnerships and Regional Collaboration

And more… If you have suggestions for topics, speakers, or programming for IN THE GAME 2023, or your community is roughly 30 minutes away from Loveland, CO and would like to host a tour on April 12th or 13th as a part of IN THE GAME 2023, reach out to us and let us know!



DCI always has things going on, so be sure to check out these upcoming events!

The EDCC Drive Lead Succeed Conference is taking place in Pueblo, Colorado on October 19, 2022. More information can be found on our website HERE

DCI is hosting the Tax Increment Finance Housing Summit in Pueblo on October 28, 2022. Registration is still open and available by clicking HERE.

DCI, CNU Colorado, American Planning Association (APA) Colorado, and American Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA) Colorado are hosting a Holiday Networking Event December 6, 2022 at the DCI offices in Denver. Register for the event HERE.

Finally, mark your calendars for DCI’s annual conference. DCI IN THE GAME 2023 will be in Loveland, Colorado from April 11-14, 2023. Sponsorships, tours, and programming discussions are taking place now, if you’d like to participate email me at [email protected].
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