In August, Downtown Colorado, Inc. convened our Tiny Town communities once again. This group of Tiny Towns from across the state to brainstorm, network, and create solutions to the problems Colorado's Tiny Towns are facing alongside DCI's expertise and advising. We had an interesting conversation about how nonprofits can have a huge impact and role in Tiny Towns.

As much as we talk about the importance of public-private partnerships, we don’t talk enough about public-nonprofit partnerships. Often, these partnerships can be crucial to developing community projects and programs that really help citizens. This role should be recognized through strong partnerships that benefit both parties and ultimately celebrates the Doers in the community. See how nonprofits already have an impact in our Tiny Towns in the state and let us know how you have seen nonprofits having an impact in your community!

Expanding capacity to get things done. Tiny Towns have limited staff and funds so a partnership allows more people to work on topics.

Fundraising. Raising funds for specific projects. Nonprofits have the ability to apply for grants and for profit business are often the largest source of donations in a Tiny Town

Community Outreach. Support for engaging community and building awareness around important issues, historic buildings, and placemaking.

Events Committee. Oftentimes the non-profit and private sector partners can dedicate more time to planning and executing events through volunteer work and fundraising. Examples of events might include Farmers Markets, Training, Fourth of July Parade, etc.

Supporting Economic Development. Tiny Towns often do not have a dedicated person to work on economic and community development. Nonprofits often help shape Entrepreneurship, Workforce, etc. training in communities. 

Jumpstarting initiatives. Partnerships can add momentum to help spur larger participation and communication in the community. 

We also hit on Ideas for Cohousing and Partnering for Entrepreneurial Incubator Spaces as well as Ideas for Fundraising the Last Gap for Funding. Tiny Towns meet every month and talk about topics including Economic + Community Engagement, Financial/Revenue Strategies, Housing & Downtown Building Revitalization, Promotional Strategies, Unique, Venues, Histories, and Experiences, Turning Highways into Walkable Main Streets, Attracting the Right Storefront Businesses for Your Downtown, etc. Join us or if you know a Tiny Town Champion, please contact Kylie Brown at [email protected]

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