Please read about our Information & Advocacy, Education Events, and Advisory services to see how DCI could help your organization reach people and communities that could benefit from your expertise.  Please feel free to call our office to talk more about how we can work together!

Since 1982, DCI is the resource for information relevant to commercial districts and downtowns. We ensure our members are aware of legislation, resources, and relevant projects. DCI is the professional organization for downtown management organizations and financing, with special emphasis on business improvement districts (BIDs), Downtown Development Authorities (DDAs), and Urban Renewal Authorities (URAs). 

We also work to build stronger merchant associations and chambers, creative and main street districts, and to apply for district and non-profit designations. 

DCI also advocates for members by showcasing successful projects and referring members for projects and positions. 

Review community jobs, RFPs, project success story, or professional resumes from experts looking for their next project. 

DCI has a robust offering of public and private events and speaking opportunities some of which include:

  • Our annual statewide Vibrant Downtown Event held each spring;
  • Quarterly City Builder Series geared to provide high level content on issues impacting downtowns such as housing,  mobility, workforce, and more.
  • One day Downtown Institutes tailored to address a specific community need and bring resources and peer communities to town to assist. 
  • DCI also provides small business training, housing strategy workshops, and webinars as requested. 

DCI's unique model works with consultants to understand their skills and what they are hoping to build in their business model. DCI is able to match consultants with state agencies and community challenges to create a team to develop a community action plan. 

DCI has coordinated over 100 advisory teams and projects to help communities overcome challenges and become familiar with consultants, skills, and timing to get their project done. 

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