Building Small Solutions to the Missing Commercial Middle on Main Street Corridors

  • 03/05/2020
  • 4:30 PM - 7:30 PM (MST)
  • TBD



    Colfax is America’s longest Main Street, and an important corridor in the Denver Metro Area. The unique structures were designed when small development was the norm and products and services were intended to meet the needs of locals and capture traffic passing by. Today’s market doesn’t permit small scale development and redevelopment because of the barriers imposed by our regulations and access to capital. Join this discussion as we reveal some change of thinking and practice around making small possible. We will also look at other districts facing this challenge in an effort to share solutions to start a wave of development possibilities that protect and enable small business and property owners to stay put, grow, and thrive. 

“Successful urban revitalization is seldom about the one big project. More likely, it is about a lot of little projects that work together synergistically to create a place where people want to be.”

 “Mixed-use and commercial districts made up of small buildings from different eras not only are charming, but they also play an important role in fostering social, economic and cultural vitality…these areas serve as thriving incubators for small businesses, as centers for neighborhood services, and as regional destinations for restaurants, nightlife and specialty retail.”

--Edward T. McMahon, ULI senior resident fellow and the Charles Fraser Chair for Sustainable Development and Environmental Policy

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