Current sites open for applications

Below is information on our current host-sites that are open to applications. For any inquires, please contact the DCI-VISTA Leader at our office phone number 303-282-0625. 

If you are interested in officially applying, the prospective VISTA member must go through the AmeriCorps process found on their website or you can click on the titles of the positions below. The first step is to sign up with the AmeriCorps VISTA program; once you have created your My AmeriCorps account, search for one of the following listings you are interested in applying to; submit your application and the VISTA Leader will be given notice of the submission. 

General AmeriCorps VISTA Benefits:

  • Federal Living Stipend
  • Education Award (financial assistance with federal loans)
  • Relocation Allowance 
  • Education loan deferment
  • Non-competitive federal status

Specific DCI-VISTA Program Benefits:

  • Rental Subsidy
  • Quarterly in-person trainings (travel and lodging paid)
  • Free access to DCI's annual conference and a winter conference on Historic Preservation
  • Access to a wide network of experts, professionals, and organizations
  • Amazing opportunity for experience within the field of community development and planning
  • Professional development

Focus Areas: Community and Economic Development,  Public Health, Neighborhood Revitalization, Community Outreach, Urban Planning, Transit

Description: This project will build capacity for the San Luis Valley Regional Transit Council which provides transit and mobility services in an economically distressed region of six-counties in South Central CO whose poverty levels by county range from 12.0% to 29.6%. The goal of the project is to alleviate poverty, increase access to health services, and improve the quality of life for the population. The VISTA will assist with the development of a regional transit council, engage with community leaders and elected officials, conduct outreach to underrepresented constituencies, inventory existing services, identify service gaps and needs, develop marketing tools for new services, support and centralize grant writing resources, among other activities. Comprised of six counties and more than 3,000 acres of public land including the Sand Dunes National Park, the San Luis Valley offers towering mountain ranges, flat prairies, icy mountain streams, geothermal wells feeding hot springs and spas, eclectic music venues, roaring motocross and auto races, and historic downtowns.

Volunteer Assignment Description (VAD)

Focus Areas: Community and Economic Development, Neighborhood Revitalization, Homelessness, Community Outreach, Entrepreneur/Business, Housing, Urban Planning, Business/Entrepreneur, Communications, Community Organization

Description: The VISTA will build the City of Montrose’s capacity to address housing and homelessness by creating a forum where stakeholders and community members can convene to discuss the issue; research what other communities have done to develop attainable housing and get at the root of homelessness; build a pilot neighborhood council to improve communication between the city and community and create formal relationships; and to support the local economy by working with the Montrose Development and Revitalization Team (DART).

This position in Montrose, CO (population of 19,132) offers a rare opportunity to build upon the work of the first year VISTA member on solving the need for affordable housing and the issues of homelessness and neighborhood communication within the community. Montrose is situated in a beautiful valley of the western slope of Colorado, right near the Black Canyon and Gunnsion River. In addition to amazing recreation opportunities, the downtown of Montrose offers a variety of brewpubs, restaurants, galleries, and things to do. Applicants who are either fluent or familiar with Spanish are encouraged to apply.

Volunteer Assignment Description (VAD)

Economic Development and Resiliency VISTA - Huerfano County

Focus Areas: Entrepreneur/Business, Neighborhood Revitalization, Community Outreach, Community and Economic Development

Description: The VISTA member would be building capacity for the community of Manitou Springs, CO through working with the Manitou Springs Chamber of Commerce / Visitors Bureau & Office of Economic Development in economic development that will promote growth, equity, and poverty reduction in the City. The main objectives toward this goal include: (a) Organization – Help organize and lay the foundation for a three-year strategic plan for economic development and poverty alleviation to guide the Chamber, the City and the Creative District using stakeholder input and public engagement, (b) Engage business owners through networking opportunities, community outreach programs, money-saving collaborations, and know-your-neighbor efforts to develop a collaborative and cohesive business community that increases job opportunities for Manitou Springs’ 7% unemployment rate, (c) Build capacity for the Manitou Springs Chamber of Commerce, Visitors Bureau & Office of Economic Development in order to grow job opportunities, and (d) Training / Professional Development – Attend trainings, webinars, events, and conferences to gain more knowledge about community revitalization and to network with peers doing similar work to expand the web of resources for the City of Manitou Springs.

Volunteer Assignment Description (VAD)

Focus Areas: Disaster Resilience, Entrepreneur/Business, Neighborhood Revitalization, Community Outreach, Community and Economic Development

Description: The VISTA will work with the Resiliency Manager to build Huerfano County’s economic development resiliency regionally. The VISTA will: (1) Build upon organizational structure and capacity of the economic development organization to further the goals set out for business support and resiliency (2) Assist in creating documents and programming to guide the long-term approach to community resiliency (3) Build Huerfano County’s capacity to engage in the revitalization of the county by fostering long-term partnerships (4) Increase community involvement and grow volunteer base for various Huerfano County Programs.

To support the community in its efforts to revitalize and strengthen the County by focusing on disaster and small business resiliency. On June 27, 2018 a devastating wildfire started in the neighboring Costilla County. The Spring Fire destroyed more than 100,000 acres and burned down more than 100 homes. Businesses have suffered in the region since this event and were not equipped with the tools to adapt to new conditions. Huerfano County was awarded a grant from the Colorado Department of Local Affairs to build resiliency for the county and businesses in the region. The goal of the VISTA would be to work with the Recovery Manager for the County to create a stronger and more resilient economy that retains businesses, tourists, and residents in the region through building a resiliency plan. These efforts will lead to a reduction in poverty in Huerfano County which has an overall poverty rate of 18.5%.

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