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11/29/2017 11:02 AM | Kylie Brown

In honor of Small Business Saturday, we wanted to highlight all of the things DCI has been up to the past few months to support small business in all of our communities. We have been busy putting on business institutes all around the state including Grand Junction, Castle Rock, Hot Sulphur Springs, Craig, Monte Vista, Buena Vista, and one more event upcoming in Walsenburg. These institutes have focused on small business thriving in the Amazon world and how these business can use placemaking, creativity, and savvy marketing techniques to bring in new customers and keep the returning customers loyal. If you would like a business training like this in your community, consider writing us a letter of support from your business for our next grant application.

We have also been working with Local First Colorado to bring awareness to the shop small mentality that is so important to keep our downtowns vibrant. As I am sure you have heard, DCI partnered with Local First Colorado (LFC) back in October. Local First Colorado is a new organization that is dedicated to bringing awareness to the “Shop Local” movement and encourage Coloradans to support local business first. DCI and LFC determined this partnership advanced the missions of both organizations as each aims to strengthen Colorado’s local economies. LFC is introducing a new event called “Try Local First Week”. Kicking off on Small Business Saturday, Try Local First Week is one week dedicated to asking local consumers to re-think daily habits and shift everyday actions to try a local business before heading to the big-box stores or ordering online. 

Last week, DCI and LFC toured three local business in Downtown Loveland to highlight Small Business Saturday and Try Local First Week. Check out the article that was written about the event. All week, Local First has been highlighting events and businesses all over the state to let people know why shopping local first matters and where they can go to do it. Go to their Facebook and Instagram pages to see all of the resources there.

DCI’s commitment to small business continues through to our conference in April, where business can submit challenge studios. This is an opportunity to for businesses to submit a challenge that may not only effect them but also the surrounding businesses and the community at-large. These Workshops are based on a challenge facing a participant or a participant’s community that are designed to transform a community’s difficult challenges and problems into promising opportunities. Participants will work side-by-side with leading industry experts and local peer networks to craft problem-solving plans. The solutions can be transformative for a small business and the community they live and work in.

If you believe in the work DCI is doing, please consider donating to our cause on Colorado Gives Day on December 5th

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