5 Strategies For Retaining Youth in Rural Communities

10/12/2017 2:21 PM | Kylie Brown

Recently, I attended a webinar from the University of Illinois Extension which presented some strategies for attracting and retaining millennial-aged folks to rural communities. Whether in Illinois or Colorado, it is clear that populations in rural areas are aging and the presence of millennials is essential to carry on the legacy of these communities. Almost a quarter of millennials surveyed said they want to live in small towns however there are some essential factors that influence many millennials when deciding to move to a small community and these strategies address some of those factors.

(1) High Speed Internet: Millennials value the ability to communicate far and wide. Whether they are running an online business or attending online classes.

(2) Invest in Youth Priorities: Ask them what they want. These desires might include “third spaces”; spaces outside of work and home i.e. breweries, cafes, board game bars. Millennials value social interaction in news ways outside of the quintessential ‘rural’ bar.

(3) Provide Economic Opportunities Through Entrepreneurship: Millennials actually value living in communities that support their local businesses. The kinds of opportunities communities have to show this collaborative spirit are: public markets, shared work spaces, Buy Local Campaigns, marketing assistance, business competitions, etc.

(4) Actively Engage and Consult Youth: Make sure they know their ideas and opinions matter. This can be done through surveys and focus groups. Here is a survey template from the UI Extension as an example.

(5) Density: Millennials prize a traditional town center, a walkable neighborhood, and even living in the downtown area in lofts above businesses. Believe it or not, millennials want to engage with local businesses and be in a lively environment full of life that downtown main street and dense communities provide.

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