Valuable Lessons in Digital Marketing for Small Business in Brush!

08/29/2017 4:32 PM | Kylie Brown

Small business owners and employees are often pulled in numerous directions.  In today’s digital environment, there are a lot of options for online marketing and branding and each platform comes with its own image and target audience.  Many small business owners may not even have a website or Facebook page. But businesses must consider the best return on the investment of money and time for advertising and marketing.  Most importantly, whichever platform they choose, they must maintain quality and current content.

On June 19th, 2017 consultants from DCI collaborated with the Brush Chamber of Commerce to facilitate a discussion about attracting outside audiences to stores in Brush! through various marketing platforms. We have found many of our members around the state desiring information on this topic.

Here are some of common concerns and the key takeaways from Brush!:

  • Oftentimes, the businesses that most need this kind of information are not the ones attending. This is true in other towns around Colorado.
  • Increased collaboration between downtown businesses will encourage information sharing and a friendly environment in which to attend events in the future.
  • The majority of customers at businesses in Brush! are from outside of the town while the residents of Brush! tend to shop online. 
  • Keep customers coming back with rewards and incentives and encourage check-ins and tags of your business page on social media
  • It can be difficult to market a business when the business offers many services in order to stay afloat.
  • Focus on marketing what you actually do or a certain image rather than products i.e. We provide all your technological needs, from brainstorming to implementation to regular website upkeep, just call us your local jack-of-all-tech helper!
  • We are busy, but we can’t hire enough staff to keep up with the demand. We require certified technicians, how do we attract staff?

If you are a small business interested about learning more about these topics and creating a better experience for your customers, please join us in Castle Rock on October 23 for a business bootcamp. Click here for more information!

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