Lake City's Economic Vitality Summit Resources Online!

07/03/2017 10:25 AM | Deleted user

Lake City’s Downtown Improvement & revitalization Team (Lake City DIRT) recently had an “Economic Vitality Summit” on June 13th in which some exciting presentations about small business assistance, historic preservation, and downtown events were given. Regarding the last topic, DCI gave a presentation about how events on one’s Main Street can be used as an economic driver for all in addition to the numerous services and assistance that DCI provides for small rural towns in Colorado.

As is known to most of us in the planning world, small businesses and downtowns have a mutually beneficial relationship: businesses develop innovative ideas and services, provide an ambiance, help market themselves and the town, employ workers, and get people to drop by. The collective downtown, with these benefits from small business, then cross-pollinates those new and innovative ideas, builds upon that ambiance into safe and fun urban environments, is an accumulative place to live, eat, and shop, and generally builds the vibrancy of downtown or Main Street.

Having events in your downtown solidifies and cultivates this relationship by making the downtown a destination and at the same time, improving local business. The amount of discretionary income spent on holidays and weekends is definitely an area to utilize for any town – as an example, the National Retail Federation expects Americans to spend 6.3 billion dollars on food items alone this Fourth of July.

Specific business assistance can be found in the presentations from the event on Lake City DIRT's website under publications including tax credits, loan programs, and helpful information, as well as resource contact information.  Let DIRT know how they can help your Lake City business!

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