Creating Sustainable Financing for Cultural Amenities | Challenge Studio Spotlight

04/24/2017 2:04 PM | Izabela Petrykowska

Walsenburg is located in east-central Huerfano county and is the most populous city in the county. It is home to Colorado's first state park, Lathrop State Park, just 2 miles west of the city limits. Located just 10 miles away from the Spanish peaks, and nearby lakes, Walsenburg is known for its recreation opportunities including fishing, water skiing, boating, hiking and camping. Visitors enjoy the small-town charm, rich in history, natural wonders, and artistic inspiration. 

DCI: Are there existing partnerships between the museum, theater, library, schools, and other amenities? 

A partnership to operate the Fox Theater was established between the County and the Spanish Peaks Community Foundation (SPFC), a foundation supporting non-profit community groups who work on projects concerning youth, health, economic development, arts and entertainment, housing, and education. The Director of the Foundation, Mike Peter, has been very active on social media to advertise events and create funding for the theater. The theater has also collaborated with local community stakeholders and organizations to host events including a craft beer event, Peakview School theater field trips for movie viewings held twice a year, as well as other community events. 

The theater is funded through its sales in movies and rentals. Movies comprise 60% of its income and concession sales total 40%. Movies are currently hosted three days a week on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. The partners are also working on an informational reception to help develop a long-term financing plan for the theater planned for the upcoming month. 

In addition, La Plaza Inn has partnered with the Fox Theater on promotional giveaways of hotel rooms and concert tickets through radio advertising. The SPCF and La Plaza Inn, along with other partners, have been working on the Creative Music District, a gathering hub, work space, and creative playground for the music community.  Lastly, a calendar of activities is being organized to inform the community of local events. 

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