Who we are

DCI is a statewide nonprofit organization that provides a strategic methodology for revitalizing the local economy in Colorado’s communities.

What we do

Our work focuses on establishing community-wide partnerships to facilitate and encourage community engagement for increased economic vitality. 

How we do it

Our program hinges on information sharing, educational events, and on-site technical assistance for downtowns and commercial districts.

DCI's Response Efforts for Communities to COVID-19

  • Weekly Commercial District + COVID calls. DCI will convene weekly calls for commercial districts to discuss responses and resources to identify the items we can do right now as the crisis is unfolding. DCI is writing up the conversation and will begin recording the webinars for your convenience.
  • COVID Response Resources. DCI will house a COVID response page on our website that shares resources and links to community resources for easy access.
  • State-wide Business Survey. DCI is partnering with National Research Center and POLCO to distribute and analyze a state-wide survey of businesses to understand their needs and establish a response network.
  • Regional Council. DCI maintains a Regional Council of representatives around the state who are in place to share and collect information specific to each region. We are going to start hosting calls through this group with our members and other interested communities to ensure that we are planning for and communicating the needs of each region appropriately. 
  • 2020 IN THE GAME. DCI will revise our Colorado Challenge Community Summit on April 14th to be a virtual event geared toward developing multi-faceted approaches for our national, state-wide, and local responses to this type of pandemoic. We will look at our demographics and sales tax trends, and impacts of Coronavirus, and flesh out an action plan for housing, workforce, and small business support.

COVID 19 Resources



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